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Proyecto Bienestar helps women start up small, home based businesses of their choice. We are dedicated to creating tools and services, including education,  to help each woman become productive, gain a sense of control in her life and to contribute to society in a way that not only benenfits herself but others.  

The objective is for one woman to help another woman, to create a chain of services and businesses that will allow women to network and grow financially, emotionally and spiritually.  
Proyecto Bienestar is a portal through which a woman has the opportunity to walk.  It is the door to her new future,  She will be self-employed and self-sufficient.  In Mexico, an extra $100 to $125 a month will make a huge contibution to a family that is currently struggling. 
is to change the lives of women by helping one woman at a time.
is to teach a woman to help another who will help another.
is to teach a woman that by helping another, she will prosper and help others to prosper.
is to form a chain that will change lives forever and continue one generation after another.
is to make the change not only economic but mental, emotional, and above all, spiritual.